BIM Services

 Pacific BIM Services is your premier HVAC detailing service contractor.

Dedicated to helping MEP contractors improve speed, efficiency, and profitability through the use of BIM tools and processes.

With technology advancing at an ever increasing pace, we hear a lot of talk about BIM and the benefits of tools/processes that a come along with BIM. MEP companies know they have to act or become irrelevant to the market, but too frequently MEP companies worry about having to invest heavily before seeing any tangible payback in either efficiency or profit.

However if you are reluctant to splash out on software, man power, or training.. there is another way to make sure you don’t fall behind and become irrelevant in your market.


Signatory with Sheet Metal Local 66, our team of Virtual Design and Construction experts boast unparalleled industry expertise and experience tailored especially to meet the needs of the MEP sector. By using our 3D modeling and 3D laser scanning services, HVAC contractors are able to achieve far more accurate planning and control on projects.

Utilizing our 3D scanning, modeling, and coordination services MEP contractor are able to achieve far more accurate planning and control on projects.

If you have no existing BIM capabilities, Pacific BIM Services means you can stay relevant in the BIM pre-construction and pre-fabrication game.

For those with an existing BIM team, buying-in services when needed means you can bid larger and more lucrative projects.

Whatever the size of your operation you can benefit from the opportunities provided by partnering with Pacific BIM Services.

For more information about how your team can benefit from the use of our services on your next project inquire Here.